Bart Brooks

Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Bart Brooks is a man of many “life journeys” on his path to teach.  His journey in martial arts began in 1993 as a student with the legendary founder of the American Karate system,  J. Pat Burleson (10th degree black belt) and became a 4th degree black belt.  He co-founded the Christian Soldiers Karate Program with Pat and was a bronze medal winner in the 1998 Texas State Championship in Full Contact Karate.  Bart’s journey continued in 2003 as a student of Krav Maga, then in 2006 when he became an instructor under the founder of the International Krav Maga Federation, Avi Moyal.  Continuing his training with IKMF masters in both the US and Israel, Bart opened the IKMF regional training center in Fort Worth and grew a very devoted and loyal student following.  We were excited to have him move permanently to Austin in 2010 to bring his knowledge and teaching experience in Krav Maga and self-defense to benefit our community.  Many of his Fort Worth students still travel down to Austin to attend his seminars and testing events.  After almost 20 years in martial arts, Bart crowned his achievements in 2012 by becoming the first IKMF Expert Certified Krav Maga instructor in the US by training and testing in Israel.

Bart’s journey in martial arts has been driven by the philosophy of “paying it forward” by sharing his knowledge with students and selflessly dedicating himself to their success.  After personally achieving so many advanced levels in Karate and Krav Maga and putting himself “on the mat” in real-time competitive matches and self-defense scenarios, he now builds a legacy of helping others achieve the same ability to “walk in peace”.  His time of study in Israel and relationships developed with the masters provide his students with unique opportunity to learn and live Krav Maga as it is taught where it was founded.

While following his martial arts journey, Bart also attended college at University of Texas Arlington and has become an enthusiastic TCU “football nut”.  His third passion (behind family and Krav Maga) is restoring vintage motorcycles.  A devout man of family and faith, he brings this devotion to his students to share the lessons of his journey.